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Follow-up Dental Care

Just because the final session is up and your dentist has already told you that your implant surgery was a success doesn’t mean you can ignore your implants indefinitely. In fact, you will still have to undergo follow-up care sessions. These involve checkups to see how well your new tooth has adjusted relative to your jawbone and gum-line. Don’t put this appointment off; otherwise, you might overlook some surgical complications that could have been avoided.

Use Teeth Wisely

Your dental implants are made of titanium and designed to be as durable as your natural teeth. Even so, you shouldn’t attempt to abuse this newfound function by biting down on hard candy, cracking nuts and bones, tearing open packages, etc. Implants are also sensitive to high temperatures, so you might want to let your coffee sit for a while before taking a sip. Take note that repetitive burning of the tissue around your implant could cause it to fail.